Wednesday, February 17, 2010

two is enough

Please do not misunderstand what I am about to write about...I LOVE my nieces and nephew. I LOVE spending time with them, playing with them and watching them play with Sam. BUT after having all five of the kids all day today I am glad that I only have two kids. Two will be enough for me. None of the kids were bad today; actually they were all very well behaved. And now that I am remembering the day the two older ones were at school for three hours this morning! So nothing went wrong today, we did craft projects, made cookies, ran errands, took a four kid bath and had a great dinner, five kids is just overwhelming for me. It is 7:45 and I sort of feel like I have a hang over. You know that body aching, head aching, noises and light hurt your head kind of feeling. I just want to sit in a dark room in perfect silence and be very still for a very long time!

Two IS enough for me! Chris I hope you feel the same!!


Holly said...

Hee...hee...I said the same thing after we had Lily. :-)

Jodie Allen said...

yeah, me too after parker! :) and RUDE that my kids made you want to stop! :)

THANK YOU for today!!!