Monday, August 27, 2012

her new hair

Both girls were suppose to get haircuts today but Avery squirmed a bit too much and was not so happy. So I gave up on cutting that much of her hair. But she doesn't really have that much hair, so oh well.

Sam on the other hand has A LOT of hair and has wanted it cut short for a long time. Today she got her wish! And was super excited to show it off for the camera.

And now she can't wait for school to start and show off her new look to all her friends! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

we miss you daddy

Just a few photos from our day to show Chris what the girls are up to! 

Happy Tuesday! 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

some old pics and updates about me

Catching up on posting some photos here...yay its been quite a few months since I stopped by. But lots of changes are happening in our life and I want to start blogging personal stuff again and not so much the environmental education stuff that I have been blogging over at Greening Sam and Avery. 
Sam getting her cast off  at the beginning of August! 

Tonight is my first night with no Chris. He took a job in IL and has moved down there already. The girls and I are staying up in WI to take care of the house and keep their lives as stable as we can for now. Not sure how long we are going to do the long distance thing with Chris. He is living during the week with his parents and driving each day about an hour (each way) to get to work. Then on the weekend either he will come up here or we will go down there. 

 I am NOT excited about being apart. And neither are the girls. It took quite a while to calm them both down today when he left and they have asked lots of questions tonight about where he is, why he is gone and when he is coming home. They are just so little and are not understanding the big changes that are going to be happening soon.
(Super dark cause I had to hold Sam's hand and keep her calm, so I must have messed something up in the settings. But this is the only shot I have of her getting the cast cut off. Tilt your screen around to see the image!)

 Of course I will miss Chris while he is gone during the week and not having help in the evenings will suck for sure, but I think the hardest part is going to be trying to explain all of this to the girls. Even though we have completely explained the whole situation to Sam she still asks everyday some random question about the move, the new house, the new town, etc. And she makes statements about her future at her school and with friends here that make me think she still doesn't really get that we are leaving. I feel like they forget that we are leaving and then when I have to remind them, we relive the pain and sadness they feel all over again each time. And now they are missing their dad on top of that.
Avery was shocked and speechless when she watched the saw take the cast off of Sam's arm!
 Poor Sam was left with a horrible rash and a few larger open sores caused by her waterproof cast. 
 A happy Sam was very ready to throw that cast away! I even tried to convince her to keep it but she refused. 

It is only the first night of no Chris but I am already feeling the frustration. It is what we have to do right now and I know we will survive and get past it soon enough...but it doesn't mean I have to like it!