Thursday, July 14, 2011

where did the time go?

May 26? The last time I posted on this blog was May 26? How can that really be possible?

Anyway, the girls are doing great. Some quick updates for you...

Sam just had her first dentist check up and I was super pumped that she didn't have any cavities or concerns. BUT they did tell me that her front teeth are predominantly pushed forward, which is due to her constant chewing on her blanket. Bummer.

Avery just had her 18 month check up! Holy cow. Basically, her head is huge, she is tall and weighs a lot. But if you have seen her at all recently you already knew all of that! What pictures can't tell you is that after being told at her one year appointment that she was very delayed with her communication skills she has made up some serious ground and caught back up. She has all kinds of words and communicates with us just fine. Very proud of how far she has come lately.

The girls are having a fun summer with lots of different babysitters. Sounds horrible but I am doing my best to get back to work at least a little bit. Since it is summer I am working with a group of high school and college aged girls to allow me to work random hours throughout the week. I think it is good for the girls to have different people to play with them and discipline them. So far it is working out for us pretty well.

And here are a few pictures that haven't been seen anywhere else!

Post naptime snuggling! So cute.

I have a very fun recipe to share with you all but this one post has really worn me out tonight! hehehe