Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Okay, blogger is being really annoying tonight and messing up my post over and over again. SO this is going to be totally out of order but I am just too tired to keep fighting with it.

We had a great time tonight with Halloween.

This is the girls after they had done their trick or treating. Sam was obsessed with handing out the candy to the other kids. She may have enjoyed this more than getting candy herself!

But they both did great with the trick or treating. Avery rode in the wagon, threw her adorable pumpkin hat out of the wagon at some point so we lost it. This is quite a bummer cause that costume was so cute. Oh well. But Sam did a great job of saying "trick or treat" and "thank you" at every door. We practiced and reminded her between houses but she rung the bell and did everything else all on her own. Such a big girl.

We started the evening with the neighborhood Halloween parade. We saw a sign for it a few days ago and thought, why not. Now this is not a parade with floats that you watch. This is parade that the kids (and their parents) walk in so that other people (I think there were six!) can sit and watch us walk by! So funny. But they had a cop car and a fire truck that lead the parade! First picture is just to show how many people were in the parade!
Here we are in the parade. Avery did not like the scary masks that we had so I bought Chris a Homer Simpson mask that I thought would work but nope. She cried when he put that one on too. Don't think Chris was too upset that he didn't have to wear a costume.

It was a great halloween. We went through eight bags of candy in under an hour! Our neighborhood clearly has a LOT of kids. We had to blow out our candles and turn out the lights early because we ran out. Too funny.

Hope you had a great Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

picture updates

I know I haven't been around lately. I am struggling with time management right now in juggling the two blogs but I am also struggling with stuff to write about over here. Okay, thats not entirely true. There is a lot I would like to complain about, vent about and get advice about but finding the time to focus on this blog is hard right now because I am trying so hard to grow Greening right now.

So anyway, today was not the day to squeeze in a major post over here because I am trying to get ready for the statewide environmental education conference at which I am presenting about Greening Sam and Avery! Super excited to share with my peers what I have been up to and what I hope it will become but I am also very nervous about how it will be received.

Pictures will have to do for now!

Be back soon I promise.

Monday, October 11, 2010

She has personality.

She screams when Sam takes a toy away from her.

She wants to eat only the food that we are eating and has almost entirely given up baby food even though she has only four teeth.

She has no fear of climbing up the stairs and tries daily (yes we know we need to get a gate).

She has a big head and knows how to avoid hitting it when reaching for a toy under any table.

She eats cheerios and other small food items by curling her pointer finger around them, not picking them up with her finger and thumb.

She screams when she wants to go down the one stair in our family room but is too scared to try it herself.

She loves crawling in the grass.

She crawls from one bedroom to the other as fast as she can trying to entice Sam to chase her. But even if no one chases her she will continue to just crawl as fast as she can all over the upstairs, with no apparent destination or end in mind.

She loves being tickled.

She will play peek-a-boo with anyone that is willing.

She screams when I am trying to feed her something that she doesn't want to eat.

She hates getting dressed and will wiggle, flop, flail and do anything else to make it impossible to get her limbs into her clothes.

She loves the bath.

She screams when she sees a bottle but no one is handing it to her.

She loves the flop.
Please ignore the ridiculous faces that I am making.

And did I mention that she screams.

She is nine months old, not gaining weight right now according to her most recent doctor's visit, developmentally delayed in her fine motor skills and speech (also according to our most recent doc's visit), full of life and energy and the funniest person in this house most days. The weight thing worries me a little but I know it will pass. The delayed piece did have me very freaked out but I have decided to give her some time to see if she will catch up on her own before I call the specialist that the doc recommended. I believe children develop at their own pace and the fact that she can walk assisted by furniture or us already (which is way earlier than Sam did) makes me think that maybe she is just choosing what she wants to work on right now and speech and picking up cheerios the way the rest of the world does just aren't things she cares about.

She has a personality that is all her own.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

pumpkin patch

Get ready for picture overload!! We had a fabulous time. But I took way too many pictures!

Someone was ready to go home!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Do what we say not what we do


Do NOT pull toys out of your sisters hands. That is not nice.
But when you have my cell phone, camera or anything else that you aren't suppose to have of course I will rip it out of your hands to make sure you don't break it.

Do NOT spit. That is yucky.
But Avery doesn't know any better so she will spit constantly and there is nothing we can do about it.

Do NOT stand on the kitchen stools. You could fall and hurt yourself.
But when I can't reach something in the cabinets don't look at me as I do it.

Do NOT throw things. You could hit someone and hurt them.
But when daddy is across the room and asks for the remote it is okay for me to throw it to him.

Do NOT yell, screech or scream inside the house.
But I can yell from upstairs to get daddy's attention and Avery just yells all the time.

You HAVE to share everything with your sister.
But you cannot play with her pacifier, it is not a toy it is a matter of life or death.

You can only watch a couple of shows a day. Too much TV is not good for you.
But mommy and daddy can watch football all afternoon and then hours of TV at night too.

You must be so confused!! No wonder you whine and complain all the time. Sorry life is not too fair for you right now. Mommy and daddy will try harder to live by the rules that you have to live by.

But that won't always happen. It is tough being two.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm a Guest blogger!

I was asked to do my very first ever guest blog post! Head on over to here and leave me some comment love!!!! And be sure to check the sidebar for all the amazing giveaways they have going on.