Thursday, March 31, 2011

a moment

I had a big fabulous post planned for tonight but after intense show watching (loved the singing Grey's!) and posting a great review/giveaway over on the greening blog I am exhausted.

So all you are getting tonight is one adorable photo!

My sneaky, sneaky little lady!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Started this post on her birthday, but just now finishing it on Wednesday night!

Feeling nostalgic tonight so let's take a look at my little three year old.

And now my little lady is three years old. Having her first big girl party. That got completely rained out but whose friends (and parents of friends) were tough enough to venture out in a thunderstorm anyway.

Sam at three years old:
Favorite color - yellow
Favorite snack - "Tangled" fruit snacks
Favorite thing to do - go to school
Favorite word - wellllll (with a long extended L)
Favorite thing - her blanket
Favorite outdoor activity - riding bikes
Favorite tv show - Dora
Favorite bedtime activity - stalling

She is growing up way too fast.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i am struggling to balance

One wants to build. One wants to read.

One wants to sit on my lap. One wants to be picked up and danced.

One needs a diaper change. One needs a snack.

One wants to practice writing letters. One wants to throw a ball.

One wants to read Maisy. One wants to read Fancy Nancy.

I am struggling to figure out how to keep two very different little girls happy at the same time. I feel torn, needing two of me, more times in one day than I ever have before.

And I get frustrated. SO frustrated. I want to do for both of them, play with both of them, be there for both of them. But I can't. Not all the time, at every moment. And they don't understand.

How do I do this? How do I keep them both happy, entertained, learning and growing? How do I do all of that for both of them without one feeling slighted, without one getting less of my time or feeling resentful of the other one? How do I convince them (either one of them!) that for just a little bit it would be okay for all three of us to do something together?!
Has anyone else ever had children that really don't want to sit and do an activity together? I know they are in very different places right now but come on, why when Avery wants to build does Sam suddenly hate her blocks? And when Sam wants to read suddenly Avery thinks throwing books is a good idea.

Wasn't I just saying how things were getting easier. Crap; I spoke too soon.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey, It's Okay

Have been blanking on what to write about over here lately. So what better way to get in the grove of writing again then to steal someone else's idea! Saw "Hey It's Okay Tuesday" over here and thought it was a pretty neat idea. So here goes.

That I am mad Sam is sick and staying home from school.

That Gov. Walker's Budget Repair Bill Address yesterday literally had me in tears. This state is going to fall apart.

That I am DONE with winter. Seeing the snow still on the ground makes me mad everyday.

To be disappointed that our one and only babysitter is busy this weekend. Rats, no date night for us.

To hate Avery's screaming phase. Just wish I knew how to speed up her ability to talk so we could be done with the frustrated screaming.

To spend way too much money on new pillows for our family room just to brighten it up with colors and fun prints.

To be bummed Gov. Walker is ending 4K before it even begins. No Sam wouldn't have started next Fall so maybe by the Fall 2012 the politicians will have come to their senses again.

That I am itching to put myself through the daily torture of running outside again.

That I am terrified of just how hard it is going to be to push both girls in the stroller while I run!

To be nervous about throwing Sam's first big girl birthday party in a few weeks.

Okay, that is all I've got today. Can you tell politics is on my mind? I don't think there is anyone in WI (or at least there shouldn't be!) that doesn't have politics on the brain. What is happening (or going to be happening when this thing passes) to this state in the name of balancing the budget is DEVASTATING! Enough politics.

Happy Wednesday! It's Okay!!