Monday, February 20, 2012

while Sam sleeps...

Avery eats M&Ms!

Some days it is good to be the first one to wake up from nap!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

a family weekend

When there are five kids to entertain, cook for, clean up after and just generally take care of the camera doesn't come out a lot but I did manage to get some while we were bowling!

 We were all really proud and impressed that Bailey wanted to bowl like the adults were doing it but as you can see from her face she was not too excited about her score...poor kid.

Okay, so not the best photos ever. But I do love some of the facial expressions on these kids!

Bailey and Avery really bonded on this trip!   Avery has a new best buddy!!

We had a great weekend! To see the hike that we did and the fun snow play in the backyard head to Greening Sam and Avery    

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

peepee in the potty

We were getting jammies on. I had just taken the diaper off and like she frequently does she squirmed out of my grasp to go run around naked for a bit! Then she looked at me and said "I go potty". She took off running toward the bathroom. Chris and I were too lazy to follow her. We both assumed that just like other attempts she would sit there, want to sing a song or read a story and then accomplish nothing. She came back into the room a few minutes later and we put her jammies on. Then Sam came running in and yelled "Avery went peepee in the potty!". I jumped up to go check.
Sure enough, she went peepee in the potty! All by herself! And we were too lazy to get up and praise her!! HA!

So we then proceeded to throw a mini dance party in the bathroom. We danced around singing "peepee in the potty".  Then Avery got to flush her peepee.

It was a very exciting evening at our house! And I am hoping this means that potty training is right around the corner!!

Yes, I just wrote a whole post on going to the bathroom. In a house with two little ones this is a big deal! Moms out there, you get it, right?