Monday, March 31, 2008

Titles are hard.

Not about Sam but...look what is in our planter box right next to our front door!

If you can't quite tell these are Mallard Duck eggs! Two years ago we had a Mallard duck, who I named Mabel, move into our planter box during the spring and lay 13 eggs. We got to watch more and more eggs appear each day until she had filled the nest, then she sat on the eggs until they hatched. We got to see and take pictures of the little ducklings and then they left. It seems that Mabel is back. I could not be more excited to watch her build her family this spring and get to see the ducklings hatch again. Yes I realize this may not be the same duck, but let me have my dream.
New Topic.
My sister asked me to write about the good, the bad and the ugly. Well, I just can't go into the ugly (my husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law may be reading this!), but the bad I can tell you about. I love Mexican food. Last night I really wanted homemade guacamole and a giant plate of nachos, so we made dinner and I loved every bite. But apparently the doctors and nurses that said to steer clear of spicy food because it would make Sam fussy were right. We have had a very fussy little girl today. Feeding is going good and I feel really blessed that I am not struggling with that as other people in my family have, but I hate that I still have to watch what I eat so closely. I couldn't eat anything with much flavor or spice while I was pregnant because I had such bad heartburn and I still can't eat that stuff. I just can't wait for the day I can eat a huge plate of fajitas and get drunk on margaritas or a plate of honey bar-b-que wings and good cold beer! So right now that is my bad...sorry Jod, not really all that bad I guess.

Here are a few Sam pics just because I thought they were cute.
Okay, this one might not be so cute and the red eye is really bad, but I just love how she can make so many different faces already.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Big Day!

Well, before I talk about our big day today I have to tell you all about my two discoveries from yesterday. Now these are both things that I am sure are no big deal to other moms but the fact that I figured out how to use them (the really amazing part is that I figured it out without help/advice from my sister!) was amazing. The first one was my sling!! My sister uses this a lot and I have been so excited to try it out. So yesterday was Sam's first sling experience and she almost immediately fell asleep. The hands-free-baby-holding ability is just incredible. I love it all ready. Aren't we cute?

The second discovery was the Boppy pillow. I had it in the closet in the nursery and remembered that it was in there when Kathy and I were going through Sam's clothes. Now I am using it every time I feed; hands-free feeding!! We both really love that pillow and it works great for us. Sorry no pictures of that...some things just can't be put on a blog!

So now on to our big day today. Kathy, Grandma, is staying with us and today offered to watch Sam for us so we could get out of the house and go to lunch. So I fed Sam and we headed out! It was a very quick lunch and I asked frequently if Chris thought we should call home to check on them, but everything went well. Sam pretty much slept through the whole thing! I will admit that I did miss her even though we were only gone a little over an hour. It was nice to get out of the house though. Thanks Grandma.
Then this afternoon we all headed out for ice cream. We bundled Sam up, loaded all of us into the car and went to Belts (which for St. Louis people is much like Ted Drewes in popularity for our small town). Once we all had our ice cream we headed for a short walk around the downtown area to enjoy the ice cream and 45 degree weather. It was wonderful to get to use our stroller again, Sam did much better this time, and ice cream is always a good thing! Here are a few pictures from our ice cream adventure.

Now we are all enjoying a quiet night watching March Madness.

What a great day!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Her First Week

Sam has had a busy first week of life.
She spends a lot of time swaddled in either this bouncy seat (that she is now sleeping in every night!) or another one that we were given by Aunt Lori that lives in our family room with us.

Such a cute little face!

This is right after her first sponge or rather washcloth bath. She did not enjoy it at all, but boy was her hair soft and beautiful for a few hours after the bath.

Not a great picture, but you can see the wet hair! And she loves when her fingers find her mouth or even more when her thumb happens to find her mouth and she can suck. Hopefully soon I will catch that on camera.

Okay, so the temperature broke 45 degrees and we decided we needed to go for a family walk. We bundled Sam up, you couldn't even really tell that there was a baby in the stroller, and ventured out of the house. She lasted to the end of the block and then she started screaming. So we turned around and went home. But we captured the short walk on camera anyway.

So these next two pictures are trying to show how she is already attempting to hold her head up. Chris loves to have her laying on his chest while she is awake and giving her time to practice lifting her head.

After a few minutes she tends to wear herself out and fall asleep! Which works out perfectly when all Chris wants to do is lay on the couch and watch March Madness.
Hope you enjoyed all the pictures from this first week.

Our New Family Member!

Hello Family and Friends.
Welcome to the new All About Sam Blog.
I will be dong my best to update all of you on the latest news in the life of Sam. Gotta admit that I am not the best writer and don't really find my life to be all that interesting, but since all of Sam's grandparents, aunts, and uncles live out of town we wanted to give them all a way to keep up with Samantha.

So here we go.

This is Samantha Jane. Just a few hours after she was born, cuddled up with me.

Here she is on her way home from the hospital. Grandma Kuhn gave her that pink, adorable onsie and the carseat was a gift from the Enlund Grandparents. Sorry the picture is sideways, haven't figured out how to rotate the images on here yet!

I don't have that many pictures on our computer yet, so bare with me, more pictures will be coming soon. Sam's Aunt Jodie is an amazing photographer (go visit her blog at !!) and did an infant photo shoot with Sam last weekend. The pictures are amazing and I will post those when they are ready.

She is just over a week old and doing great so far. Grandma Enlund is visiting right now and has been a huge help; doing dishes, lots of amazing cooking and helping to take care of Sam.

Okay, I can't think of anything else interesting at the moment.

More later!