Sunday, March 17, 2013

the making of our swing-set

Grandpa and Nana came over on Saturday morning to start the ridiculously tedious process of putting together our new swing set.  Now, what you should know is that when Chris and I started talking about swing sets a month ago we BOTH decided that paying to it delivered and assembled would be the way to go. To us a couple hundred bucks is worth avoiding the loss of a weekend and the huge headache of putting it together ourselves. And then we found the swing set at Sams, super cute, big enough for our girls to use for years and very affordable. But they don't have assembly as an option. Damn. Well, we thought for sure some pieces would be put together and it would come at least partially assembled. Not a chance! I am not kidding people every board, bolt, screw and piece of plastic was separate. We could not believe it! 

Anyway, we got started. 

 Avery (and Sam at different times) had to test out the slide.

 Avery also wanted to help sweep up our mess...
which apparently turned her into a witch!

Here is our progress after day one! 
 And here we are at 2:30 today!!  I could not believe that Chris and I powered through it and got it done today. The girls could not have been more excited.

And I am one happy momma, knowing that once again I can open the door and send them out for hours of fresh air, imaginative play and exercise! 

 Next step...customize their little cottage to become the best mud kitchen ever!

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Anonymous said...

Looks awesome, can't wait to see it in person