Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer FUN to do list

It has been a long time since I have posted on here...sorry about that to the two (or maybe three?) people that read this little blog. And I have lots of updates, photos and stories to share but those will have to wait. Today I want to talk about summer!

I am super excited for summer this year. The girls are a bit older now and a bit easier to have outside together. We are getting out a lot, playing a ton and ready to take on bigger and more exciting adventures. So, to get us motivated for all the summer fun I wanted to create a To Do List for us. Something we will keep posted in a visible spot (thanks sis for that idea!), that we can cross off the things that we have done and add new things as the summer goes on.

I want this summer to be all about making memories, having fun and spending time together as a family. I am hoping this list will help remind me of that goal and stay focused on HAVING FUN!

So, here is our list!

1. Camp over night at Devil's Lake State Park

2. Hike part of the Ice Age Trail

3. Build sand castles on a beach

4. Have a water fun party in our backyard with Sam's preschool friends

5. Bike ride to local restuarant and ice cream parlor

6. Go to a concert on the square

7. Canoe trip with family

8. Water park

9. Camp overnight in a different state!

10. Play-dates at the pool with friends

11. Water skiing or tubing (we have to find someone with a boat first!)

12. Add more loose parts to our backyard play area; stumps for climbing, logs for balancing, big tree cookies for stacking and building, etc.

13. Madison Farmer's Market (frequently!)

Now I challenge each of you to create your own Summer FUN To Do List. Let me know if you do cause I would love to steal some ideas from you!

Monday, May 9, 2011

stress or guilt

We have all had it happen. You get asked to do "something". You know the kind of "something" that will require your time, talent, money, etc. but is helping out, giving back, volunteering and getting involved.

So there are with two options...

Do you a) say yes you would love to knowing full well that you don't really have the time, money or energy to committ but will figure it out somehow OR b) say sorry but no you just don't think you can?

For those that say option A this means you will inevitably face added stress, long nights, expenses you can't afford, time away from family or time not doing the things that people are suppose to do in their free time (things called hobbies, do people still have those?).

For those that say option B how long does it take for the guilt to set in? The guilt that keeps you up at night laying there worrying about the relationship that you may have hurt because you said no. The guilt that makes you think about how you can rearrange everything else in your life, undoubtably disappointing other people or yourself, to try and go back on your no and tell them yes.

I grew up with a mom that always said yes. There was not a committee she didn't serve on, an event she didn't run or a bake sale she didn't bake for. Somehow she got it all done. But she was stressed, overworked and running around like crazy all the time. My sister has adopted this method. Somehow they are able to deal with the stress, smile and just get it done. I fail at this. I do NOT handle stress. BUT I have also kept myself somewhat disconnected so that I don't get asked to do a lot (which is, I am realizing, a bit sad), until recently.

All of a sudden I am being asked! And I am saying yes. And suddenly I felt the stress. I DID NOT LIKE IT. So, the next thing I got asked to do I said no. I wanted to do it and was excited to be involved but it would have required major schedule shuffling, money, lots of time and stress. But now the guilt has set in. It is all I think about. And it is driving me NUTS!

I just can't decide what is worse the stress that I grew up watching or the guilt I am currently experiencing. Which do you choose and how do you deal with it?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011