Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet Peanut

Today Sam came home from school with a new friend. Peanut.

This is a class friend or pet or something that the kids get to take turns taking home. They are suppose to take him with them everywhere, take pictures and then write about what they did with Peanut. Peanut has a blanket, a special bag that he gets carried in and a notebook journal.
So today Peanut went shoe shopping and clothes shopping with us. His blanket had to come too.

While I do appreciate this project there are several things that after only the first day (less than 12 hours really) I am already annoyed with.

Peanut has to come with us on adventures. It says so in his journal. And the teacher has told the kids so, or at least that is what Sam has told me. Really? Do I need two more things that I have to carry with me on errands? As if two kids bundled up in coats/hats/gloves/boots and all that comes with kids isn't enough NOW I have to bring a bear and his blanket along. Shoe shopping. Pants shopping. Grocery store. Awesome. I am sure these are not the adventures that the other kids and parents want to hear about but because my daughter is now completely attached to this bear there is no leaving him at home.

I have seen Sam put Peanut in her mouth. Awesome. Just like she does with her other dolls, blankets and stuffed animals. Did the other kids do this? I am thinking yes. Peanut's journal did not come with washing instructions but I am thinking it will be imperative to wash him before he goes back to school. But what happens if I ruin him; an eye falls off, the nose gets lose or he shrinks? I CANNOT be the mom that ruins Peanut! Oh the pressure.

Other moms were funny! This bear has a pretty interesting journal. Other moms did fun things and wrote funny stories about this little bear. Again I say OH THE PRESSURE! I try to be funny on here and on Greening but it never comes across very well and I don't think I actually have a very good sense of humor. Now I have to put it in a book that other parents (that see me IRL) will read and will stick around all year, or longer depending on the teacher's plans for this bear. Think I can hire someone to write my kid's classroom bear stories for me?

So far this year I have had to create several scrap book type projects for Sam to take to school and now I have a bear with a journal that I have to tackle. Love how personal and creative Sam's teacher makes their class but I am so ready for Sam's homework to actually be Sam's responsibility!


Anonymous said...

Just enjoy a nice glass of wine and then the humor will come flowing! :) ~Tracy

Anonymous said...

You crack me up, just put this in the book and the other parents will be cheering! Love you, Mom