Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a winter hike

We all just needed to get outside. Cold temps with no snow (snow always makes it more fun to be outside in the cold) and illness plaguing me and Avery for almost a month now has kept us indoors way too much this winter.
Saturday we decided that we just didn't care anymore. We were going hiking! Chris looked on the map and found a spot to explore that was not too far away but looked like it had some neat stuff to check out.

We are very excited to have found this park! The trail that we hiked followed a creek and crossed over it with fun bridges an incredible number of times. Are bridges fun for all kids or is it just mine that go crazy every time they see one? It was an easy hike but still had lots to look at and having a playground at the end is always a plus!

 We had just watched the kid's movie "Gruffalo" and "Gruffalo's Child" which are books we love. So while we were on the hike we kept taking turns pretending to be the big scary Gruffalo that was chasing the rest of us around. Makes for a fun game on the trail.

 Some parts were steep and Sam was glad she had her snow pants on so she could just slide down the hills.
 Even with not much snow there were still lots of new tracks to find and some really great icicles along the creek.
 Yippee another bridge!
 Someone left some Valentine art along the trail! The girls loved discovering this and adding their own hearts to the tree trunk.
 Picture is not great but there were some neat icicles in there! Man do I need a zoom on my camera or what?!

 Who doesn't love an old fashioned teeter-totter?!
The adventure was really great and much needed by all of us. There is just something about family time spent outside exploring. Well, for me there is nothing better!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great hike, wish we were there. Love, grandma