Monday, April 2, 2012

The Princess Party

Sam turned four! And I was the best mom in the world making her little princess dreams come true with a completely store bought Princess birthday party. I fought all my urges to try and do something outside, something that involved hiking or a picnic. And instead we played princess games, dress up like princesses and ran around the house playing with balloons.
Sam loved every minute of it!!

First, the decorations. I didn't buy all the decorations that the store had to offer, instead I decided to decorate the main party rooms with all of the princess stuff that we already had. (Thanks to my sister for this idea. She did something similar, but in a much cuter way with horses for my niece!)
This is where the ice cream sundae bar was located.

 The Big Four Year Old Birthday Girl!
 Her good friend Madison.
 Taylor, who is really Avery's friend. 
 All the princesses and one prince!

 I couldn't believe it actually worked out that Sam got the ribbon that opened up the pinata. And even better that before that every kid had a chance to pull one ribbon off!!

 The ice cream was a big hit!
I was not the best mom with the camera at her party. I failed to get that many pictures of her and her friends and have no pictures of her opening gifts. But she had a great time, all the kids seemed to have fun and the house was not completely destroyed. So, I say it was a success.

But next year I might convince her to try and do something a little less "store bought"!