Friday, January 13, 2012

Valentine Mini Sessions | St. Louis Children's Photography

Would love to see some of my St. Louis friend's kid's getting their photos done at this great event! And you can get some awesome ideas for Valentine's cards and crafts!

Check it out!

Valentine Mini Sessions St. Louis Children's Photography

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

sick days

What do you do with your kids when you can't leave the house for three days?

Lots of playdough.
 My old Peanuts playset gets all set up.
 Using every piece of train track that we have!
 Oh and I decided that since Avery is now two I better get her baby book in order. This will all stay out in the basement until the book is done!
 And when they were feeling up to it we headed to the park. Sam was feeling fine at this point but Avery was still a bit under the weather so we didn't stay long.

So that is pretty much the last three days of our lives. Sam is headed back to school today. Avery and I will have a lazy morning, again.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 9, 2012

some random catch up stuff

Oh this poor blog. I so rarely post over here because so much of my life with the girls is documented on the greening blog that I never feel like I have anything to say over here. So, this new year I am going to try and take more random photos of just us being a family so that I have some things to share here that are different from what I share over there.

~ Sam was talking with Chris the other day and said we need to feed her more so that she can grow up quicker. Chris asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said she wanted to be a mommy so that she could do laundry, dishes and drive the car just like her mommy.

~Both girls have been sick the past three days. Lots of snot and puke going on in this house. So far Chris and I haven't gotten the throwing up part of it, although we both have sore throats and are blowing our noses. So not fun.

~I have been itching to go back to work lately. I thought I had a great job to apply for but then when I sat down to write my cover letter I noticed one line in the job description that I must have skimmed over the first time. "Out of state travel at least once a month". That is a deal breaker. Why is it that in my field I have to either be willing to take a loss by paying more for child care than I would make, work nights and weekends all the time or travel? No one told me just how hard the field of non-formal environmental education would be to do as a mom. This stinks. 

~ Chris has to start studying again. This means he doesn't get to work out over lunch anymore, he studies, and he will probably be an hour later everyday getting home, so he can study more after work is over. Not excited for how grouchy he will be from no exercise and how little time he will get to spend with the girls during the week.

~ It is suppose to be 47 degrees today. While I am excited for the brief warm up in January to give us a quick break from the cold, I am starting to get pissed that we don't have any snow. 

~ When your kids are sick and have the potential to throw up at any moment DO NOT make a cake with pink frosting, no matter how cute it looks!

~ Sam had her 4K (which is the state paid for 4 year old kindergarden that we have in Waunakee) screening last week and she "passed" with flying colors. A score of 80/80! Woohoo my kid is normal and just as annoying as all the other 3 year olds. 

*the pictures are from yesterday. Super sick girls have a cute moment together in the tub!

Happy Monday morning everyone!